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by Heidi Steiner
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.....................the workroom, or as Heidi's family affectionately refers to it...."heidiland".
This creative space is where it all happens, the building of Steiner Bears and beasties too. This cozy studio is outfitted with all the must haves; two sewing machines, a large window, a big over stuffed comfy chair. The studio has vintage cupboards brimming with goodies and a make-do photo area.

The studio is filled with old toys and vintage holiday goods for inspiration. Vintage clothing, fabrics, old ribbons and hats spill from the cupboards.

While it seems to always be in a state of chaos, Heidi never gets lost and can mostly find where everything is. On any given day you'll find piles of mohair, works in progress and bins of hoarded seasonal treasures.

The studio is the perfect place to create, day dream and play!

Please enjoy having a peek around the studio.
the Studio.....

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